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The Best Time to Move: How to Pick the Right Season for Your Move

by Kanne

Are you planning to move to a new home or accommodation, soon? There is no doubt that moving to a new location may be exciting, however, it may also be stressful, particularly if you’re trying to decide when it would be best to do so. Making the appropriate choice for the season is crucial since it might affect your entire move.

When you’re deciding whether to relocate at a particular time, a number of variables, including weather, money, and personal circumstances, come into play. In this post, you can delve deeper into how to choose the best time of year in 2023 for your relocation and make it as easy and comfortable as possible. So, read on, and find some useful tips for moving for your upcoming task!

1. Make sure to account for the weather.

First and foremost, the weather must be taken into account. In the UK, the weather may be erratic, and severe weather might delay travel and harm your possessions.

It could appear to be a good idea to relocate during the summer (June to August), when the weather is often nice and dry. Nevertheless, this also happens to be the busiest period for moving firms, so it can be more challenging for you to get a slot. August is the busiest moving month in the UK, accounting for 13.7% of all moves, according to statistics from Compare My Move.

Moving, however, might be difficult throughout the winter (December to February) owing to the chilly and rainy conditions. But, this is also when removal businesses are least busy, so you might be able to get a better bargain. In fact, 4.7% of moves in the UK occur in January, in accordance with the same statistics from Compare My Move, making it the least preferred month for relocation.

2. Ensure that you roughly calculate the expenses of moving at different times.

The expense of relocation is another aspect to take into account. Depending on what time of the year you relocate in the UK, moving costs might change. Demand for removal businesses is at its highest during peak season, which normally lasts from May to September, and costs may rise as a result.

In contrast, demand is lower and costs can be up to 20% less expensive in the off-peak season, which more or less runs from October to April, according to a Zoopla poll.

The price may also vary depending on the day of the week you relocate. Moving is more common on the weekends and bank holidays, thus rates may be higher. In general, moving on a weekday and out of peak season can help you save money on your relocation.

It’s important to keep in mind that moving costs might also change based on other elements like the distance you’re relocating, the size of your house, and the quantity of possessions you own. To make sure you’re receiving a fair bargain, it’s generally a smart idea to request estimates from many removal firms and compare costs.

3. Do not forget to consider your personal situation and circumstances.

It is essential to consider your particular circumstances while relocating to the UK because everybody’s circumstances are completely unique. What functions for one individual or family might not function for another.

For instance, if you have school-aged children, you might have to arrange your move over the school vacations to prevent disturbing their learning. Alternatively, if you’re a student in a university, you may need to move during term time when you have fewer commitments.

To Sum Up

Picking the ideal moving date may seem difficult, but it does not have to be. You may make an informed choice that will ensure the success of your relocation by taking into account the weather, budget, and your unique situation.

In order to avoid any last-minute snags, plan ahead and reserve your removal company far in advance whether you decide to relocate during peak season or off-peak season.

Remember that the ideal time of year for your relocation ultimately relies on your priorities and tastes, so give it some thought and choose the one that suits you best.

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