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The Home Improvement Show Neighbor You Can’t Get Enough Of

by Kanne

If you’re a fan of the Home Improvement television show, you’ll be familiar with Wilson, Tim’s next door neighbor. He’s one of the wackier characters on the show, but he was also the most intelligent and educated. Besides being an octuple he was the star of the show’s most famous song.

He’s a smart guy with a big heart. But the Home Improvement neighbor that you can’t get enough of is not the same person you’d meet on the ’80s series. This is where the real charm of the character comes into play.

Wilson has been around for a while. His presence in Home Improvement has spanned two seasons. Interestingly, he was based on a real person, but was played by Earl Hindman, who was not a fictional actor. In fact, the Home Improvement version of Wilson was a cousin of the Beach Boys’ Dennis Wilson.

While Wilson was not the first home improvement show character to hit the small screen, he was by far the most prominent. To this day, the character has a cult following, thanks in large part to the fact that he was based on a real human being. Having said that, he was portrayed by Earl Hindman, a Stamford, Connecticut resident. Unfortunately, the actor passed away in 2003 from lung cancer. However, his role on the show remains intact.

It’s easy to see why. Home Improvement is a classic, and while there’s been a few revivals on the air in recent years, it’s still a solid bet that the show will be on your TV for many more years to come.

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